Daily Gospel Reflection for December 31, 2018


Today’s Gospel: John 1:1-18

I remember the first time that I read John 1:1-5. It was early in 2004, within weeks after I had received the gift of faith. Not yet a practicing Catholic, my Protestant spiritual mentor suggested that I should begin reading the Bible with John’s Gospel. Although I must have heard these verses as a child growing up in the Catholic Church, I had never read the Bible on my own and not with a firm faith in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

I was struck by the eloquence and love that exuded from St. John’s words as he portrayed Jesus as the eternal Word. I now understood and had tasted that love — ravenous for more. Jesus (the Word) is the purpose for which God the Father spoke all into existence. According to St. Thomas Aquinas, all of creation finds its ultimate Trinitarian destiny through Jesus. And when the Word became flesh we were privileged to behold the face of God in a way that resonated with our humanity. May we all be blessed to have eternity to ponder the meaning of John’s words, and enter into their reality!

I have often wondered at the generosity of a God, who through no need of His own, created us through His outpouring of unconditional love. So much so that He allows us to participate in His creative role each time we conceive a child. Not because we are deserving (or will be a perfect parent) but because His goodness is unrestrained.

He is the Light that guides us out of the darkness of our poor personal choices and the dysfunction of our lives. To this day my heart swoons, as one falling in love for the first time, when I read these words of Scripture.


Was there a time that you felt like you fell in love with God? Ask the Lord to grow your love for Him wider, deeper, and stronger.


My dear Lord Jesus, grow my love for You as wild and unrestrained as Your love is for me. May words of gratitude, love, and praise be on my lips always.

Copyright 2018 Meggie K. Daly

Meggie K. Daly is the author of Bead by Bead: The Scriptural Rosary. She is the mother of six adult children and five grandchildren. She teaches mathematics part-time at a nearby university and is a retired research scientist. Meggie blogs at meggieKdaly.blogspot.com and is beginning to work on her second book.

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