Daily Gospel Reflection for January 2, 2019 - Sts. Basil & Gregory Nazianzen


Today’s Gospel: John 1:19-28 – Memorial of Sts. Basil & Gregory Nazianzen

The questions to John go from “Who are you?” to “What are you?” The second one seems a bit strange at first glance, don’t you think? But when we take a good look at our discipleship, the second question becomes very important.

If someone asks “Who are you?” I might be quick to respond with things like; Shannon’s mom, Dave’s wife, Brandt’s teacher or Helen’s friend. I tend to focus on what I do to describe who I am. But if someone asks “What are you?” it causes me to look at my vocation. What am I? I am God’s daughter. I am a saint in the making. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am an living example of God’s love for all His children. In all honesty, my “what” needs some work!

John was very honest and direct. He did not pretend to be someone or something he wasn’t. There is certainly a lesson there for me. Today’s Gospel is the perfect reminder that what I really am, is His! I don’t have to pretend to be who or what the world would find impressive. Today is the day to speak the truth like John and realize what I am: God’s beloved daughter. And that is absolutely more than enough.


What are you? Take a few minutes to make that list, looking through the Father’s eyes.


Heavenly Father, please remind me as we walk together through this day that I am Yours. Place Your peace in my heart so I begin to comprehend there is no need to be anything more.

Copyright 2019 Sheri Wohlfert

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