Daily Gospel Reflection for January 3, 2019


Today’s Gospel: John 1:29-34

In today’s Gospel, we see John in awe of the glory of Jesus. John sums up the awesomeness of Jesus’ ministry when he says that Jesus takes “away the sins of the world”. Let that sink in for a moment! Jesus takes away the sins of the world! No one else can say that they take away the sins of the world! This is where we struggle as people trying to live a life like Jesus.

We have the weight of our sins that are overwhelming us. If we had the mentality of John the Baptist, we would have peace that we alone cannot overcome the world. Peace enters our life because we no longer have to live under guilt and shame that comes with our sin. Some people would argue that we should feel guilt and shame and yes – we feel guilt and shame when we sin because we know we were meant for more. However, we do not need to live with the guilt and shame of sin forever, because Jesus takes away the sins of the world. Thank God for the sacrament of Reconciliation!


What is standing in the way of you submitting your life to Jesus?


Jesus, we confess to You our sins that are weighing us down from fully living in joy. Thank You for giving us redemption and hope by Your sacrifice.

Copyright 2019 Jason Weirich

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