Whispers and Patterns

"Whispers and patterns" by Amanda Villagomez (CatholicMom.com)

Copyright 2019 Amanda Villagomez. All rights reserved.

You have given them Bread from heaven
Having within it all Sweetness
-Benediction song

God speaks to us in whispers and patterns, gently drawing our attention again and again to what matters the most in the midst of over-filled lives. With time, He helps us to strip away the unnecessary so that we can experience the sweetness at the core of our lives, showing where He wants us to invest our time and energy in order to prepare for the work He wants to do in and with our lives, reminding us, “For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be” (Matthew 6:21). Sometimes it means stripping away for a season to strengthen the foundation before layering different components back in with a more proper ordering of our lives, while other times it is about freedom — loosening from attachments that are not life-giving. 

"Whispers and patterns" by Amanda Villagomez (CatholicMom.com)

Copyright 2019 Amanda Villagomez. All rights reserved.

One trend in my life has been seeing how ideas can begin with a spark, prompting excitement and a rapid flow of additional ideas. It is about recognizing the beauty of dreaming and creating but also seeing how those dreams of good things can distract from what God is calling me to first and foremost. As a result, I am learning that phases of stripping away mean recognizing many longings and desires related to career and ministry but then saying no and offering those longings back to the Lord for the moment so that in this season I am focusing more on who I am as a wife and mom, with the longings to nurture the faith of others being principally directed at my husband and girls. It is the reminder that God’s promptings to say no to many things right now are so that I can more fully enjoy my vocation.

It also means remembering that first and foremost it is about a deep gratitude for the regular access that I have to the Eucharist. It is about staying in close communication with God that I notice the drive and motivation related to different possibilities but that it does not seem to align with the whispers again and again to simplify at this phase of my life and trust that when and if it is His will someday, He will make it known to me. Out of His love for me, he is helping me to focus on what really matters most at this phase of life so that I do not lose sight of the dream of my family in the midst of so many things that can distract from His greatest gifts to me.

"Whispers and patterns" by Amanda Villagomez (CatholicMom.com)

Copyright 2019 Amanda Villagomez. All rights reserved.

Through prayer and trust, with time we can see that the disappointments linked to nos and closed doors have turned into the gifts they always were as we better understand the beauty behind different layers of God’s plans for our lives.

Loving Lord, You are taking me on a journey, gently stripping away as we go along. You whisper truths that nudge me ever more closely towards goodness and beauty. Lead me, Lord. Christ, be my light!

Copyright 2019 Amanda Villagómez


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