Controlling Screen Time #036


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This week, Lisa and Danielle discuss tips and strategies for controlling screen time — for ourselves and of your families.

Do you want to use your phone less? Do you feel guilty about how much TV your kids watch? And what about Fortnite? Let’s talk about ways to improve and bring our families along for the ride.

Join us for a fun and thought-provoking discussion!

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Danielle Bean is brand manager at CatholicMom. She and her husband Dan have 8 children and live in New Hampshire.


  1. Hey Danielle and Lisa!!

    First, thank you so much for doing this podcast. I just started listening to you two days ago and clean while doing so. My house has never looked so good! Haha

    Just put my limits on my phone and unfollowed people that were poisoning my mind with hopelessness.

    Maybe you can answer this question over another podcast? How do you deal with disruptive toddlers in Mass? I want to enjoy my experience with the Lord during mass and I want my toddler to get the graces that mass gives. He does not sit still and is loud and disruptive to the point I have to take him out.

    • Isabel! Thank you so much for your encouraging comment! And for your question, which I am sure is one many moms can relate to. We will take up this topic on a future podcast. Thanks for listening!

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