St. Paul's story is not unique, but he was

"St. Paul's story is unique" by Pam Spano (

Image created in Canva by Pam Spano. Image credits: St. Paul and St. Catherine of Siena, both Public Domain.

On January 25, we celebrate the conversion of St. Paul. St. Paul’s story is not unique, but he was. Conversion stories fascinate me. I love that Jesus comes to us in our own uniqueness.

Saul sought permission from the synagogues to bring Christians back to Jerusalem … in chains! He wanted to imprison those who belonged to “The Way.”

Jesus came to Saul in a violent way by knocking him down and blinding him. Drastic measures to get someone’s attention, don’t you think?

"St. Paul's story is unique" by Pam Spano (

By Caravaggio – scan, Public Domain, Link

Jesus then used Ananias to lay hands on Saul to regain Saul’s sight. I find it interesting that Jesus didn’t heal Saul himself, but used another. Perhaps Jesus was already showing Saul what community was?

The process of Paul’s conversion was as violent as Paul’s own “murderous threats” towards Christians. Paul then used that drive toward preaching the very “way” he had opposed.

Converts I know didn’t have violent conversions. It was a process started by a person or an experience. Once that seed was planted, the conversion began to grow. I do know people who had a “let’s make a deal” bargain with the Lord and it worked!

The most amazing conversion I’ve ever witnessed was of a young man who started out wanting to be a police officer, went to RCIA, became a Catholic, and then entered the seminary and became a priest. That’s not the amazing part. The amazing part is the conversion of his own mother whom he baptized at Easter while he was a deacon.

St. Paul’s conversion is a reminder to us that God does indeed come to us in our own uniqueness.

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