Daily Gospel Reflection for January 29, 2019


Today’s Gospel: Mark 3:31-35

In this particular passage, Jesus isn’t trying to disregard his family by any means with his comments about who is his family. He’s merely pointing out that we are all family when we strive to do the works of God. For myself, however, it means something even more personal.

My husband and I have never lived near either one of our families. We’ve been married twenty-two years and have many children, so being near them would certainly be beneficial, but my husband’s job has just never allowed for that to happen. So “family” has taken on a different meaning for us. Friends have become like siblings, their children like cousins, and older couples have become that parental/marriage example we lean on. These ‘family members’ for us, not only represent our missing family, but also they provide to each one of us a beautiful witness to what it means to be the body of Christ. Whether it’s Sunday dinners, babysitting, birthday parties, or just stopping by for coffee, our church community has helped us to build that ‘family’ we’ve longed for. What a true gift from God.


What can you do to bring your community/church family closer to God and to one another?


Lord Jesus, help us to see all people as a beautiful extension of your Holy Family. May we all begin to treat one another with love, kindness, and mercy.

Copyright 2019 Amy Blair

Amy Blair is a crazy Catholic momma to 8 (plus 4 in Heaven). Wife to her superhero hubs of 22 years. She is co-chair of the Catholic Women of Buffalo, Inc., where they bring phenomenal Catholic speakers to the Buffalo, NY area. When she’s not corralling the babies, she enjoys reading and studying her faith.

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