Daily Gospel Reflection for January 30, 2019


Today’s Gospel: Mark 4:1-20

Jesus spoke in parables, and in the years since I started helping with Confirmation classes and journeyed through motherhood, I’ve come to realize the wisdom of His approach.

I can tell you (or a group of 13-year-olds) that God loves them. I can tell them that there’s free will. I can tell them to pray.

But when I can make it relatable, it becomes real to them. And when I use an analogy that falls short, I can hear their groans a mile away or keep myself up at night with their glazed looks.

That’s just as true with adults. And it’s what Jesus does so well.

The parable in today’s Gospel is one that’s visual and that most of us can put into action. You can see it for yourself, if you want to.

You don’t even need seed.

How many times have you been on fire with something and then just…fizzled? Or had life take over? Or gotten cynical and doubt-filled?

Notice how the disciples question Jesus about this parable. Maybe they had a hunch what it was about, but they wanted to make sure.

Are we carving out the time and space to do the same? Are we making time to have a real relationship with Jesus? And if not, why not start today?


When can you commit to spending a few minutes with Jesus each day?


Jesus, I long to see Your face. I want to understand Your word. Open me to Your will and guide me to time with You.

Copyright 2019 Sarah Reinhard

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  1. I was thinking, this morning, how at different times in my life, the seeds have fallen into different soil. I’d love to think I’m in the rich soil, but more often than not, the thorns of anxiety can take things over.

    I like that you emphasize that the disciples asked for clarification and it’s good for us to do likewise.

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