Daily Gospel Reflection for February 7, 2019


by Erin Broestl

Today’s Gospel: Matthew 4:12-17, 23-25

How discouraging it can be to invite someone into the Church, only to be rejected. It is so hard to put ourselves out there, knowing that we may face anger, spite, and perhaps worst of all…silence.

Jesus asks each of us to talk to unbelievers. We are called to spread the joy of the Gospel. But our calling is just to talk, and if the person remains unconvinced, we are to go our way and continue being joyful. Jesus is not asking us to be great orators. He is asking us to be sincere. And if nothing happens, that is not a reflection of how good or Christian we are; it is a reminder that God gives us certain talents and abilities, and it is up to the other person to listen.

We are also called to witness without words. Our lives are meaningful, no matter our station. The Holy Spirit imbues each of us with an indefinable radiance that is designed to draw people to God. Mothers of large families know that just getting out of the car with more than one child is enough to raise eyebrows today, and no matter the number of children, just one happy child draws people to God through their smiles and laughter. No words need to be spoken.


Who can I invite into the Church, and who am I witnessing to without words?


Lord, help me be brave and open to the opportunity to show people Your love.

Copyright 2019 Erin Broestl

Erin Broestl is a wife, mom to eight children and author. She dishes out children’s book reviews and homeschooling anecdotes over on eighthobbits.com.

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