When Kids Leave the Faith #039


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Join Danielle Bean and guest host Allison Gingras for a heart-felt conversation about how moms can manage when their kids leave the faith.

How can we support our big kids, even when they make decisions about their faith lies that we don’t approve of? How can we handle to heartbreak and sometimes the feelings of failure that come from having an adult child reject his faith? 

Even when we are heartbroken, we can find strength in our own faith and hope in the goodness of God who loves our children even more than we do.

Join us for a thought-provoking discussion!

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Danielle Bean is brand manager at CatholicMom. She and her husband Dan have 8 children and live in New Hampshire.


  1. my sister just shared your link with me and I just listened to it. I’m 100% at that place in my life right now with my 2 teenage daughters! Thank you for your comfort and encouragement! And I’ll be finding a novena to St. Monica very soon!! 😀

    • Sorry, I am late to find your feedback Laura, thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with this topic. Feels good to know you are not alone!! That St Monica, she’s a gem — Joining my prayers with your for our kids!! Blessings!! #GodsGotThis

  2. I was actually thinking of writing a blog post on this very same subject! It’s tough when you’re the only practicing Catholic in the family. It actually gets a little lonely.
    Thanks for your words!

    • My apologies to you Mary as well for being so late in checking the momcast comments #newbie (ha ha). IT can be so lonely, that is what I love the CM community – always someone to share the journey (the ups and the downs). God is so faithful — keep on praying for your family, someone will join you on the journey, I have no doubt!!! Prayers in the meantime, and thanks for sharing your experiences with us!

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