Daily Gospel Reflection for February 22, 2019 - Chair of Saint Peter


Reflection by Michele Chronister

Today’s Gospel: Matthew 16:13-19 – Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter, Apostle

The past year or so has been a tumultuous time in the Church. With each scandal that has been uncovered, it has been tempting to give up and walk away. Maybe we’re in the wrong Church, after all, we may think to ourselves. Today’s Gospel is a reassurance that no matter what happens, Christ will prevail, and this Church of ours is the true Church. Notice that Christ doesn’t say, “The Church will always be perfect, and the devil will never tempt her members.” No. He says that, in the end, the devil will never prevail against the Church.

There is also consolation in seeing that St. Peter was very human. (I like to joke that St. Peter is the patron saint of “people who put their foot in their mouth,” because sometimes it seems like he is always saying the wrong thing!) But despite his flaws, Christ chose him to be the first pope. This feast is a reminder to pray for our pope, the successor of Peter. It is also a reminder that no matter what the Church may face, the gates of hell will never prevail. Christ is the victor, and in the end, He will triumph.


How have you struggled to trust in times when it seems that evil will triumph? What graces do you need to have peace in the midst of the struggles the Church faces?


Dear God, please bless our Holy Father, Pope Francis, and help him to live out his vocation as the successor to St. Peter. Help us to trust in You and in Your care for the Church. Amen.

Copyright 2019 Michele Chronister

Michele Chronister is a wife and mother to three on earth and one in heaven. She is a writer, author, and speaker. She blogs at My Domestic Monastery.

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