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I have been a Lisa Hendey fangirl for as long as I can remember, so when a copy of her latest children’s book I Am God’s Storyteller arrived at my door, I was so delighted! I Am God’s Storyteller offers children examples of noted storytellers in Bible history (Sarah, Moses, Deborah, Esther, David, Isaiah, Mary, John the Baptist, and the Evangelists and early Church) in a colorful and engaging picture book. In an easy-to-understand way, Lisa presents our job as Christians (and even children) to share God’s story with others in different ways. Sharing the Good News isn’t always easy, but as Christians, by storytelling we can evangelize the world!

I read it to my seven- and four-year-old daughters and they loved it. The story of Salvation History was laid out in a way that we were all engaged and inspired to share the message in our own way. After we finished, we had many great discussions about Jesus and how we can share his story after reading it together. It was such a great conversation starter, I shared it with our second-grade class at St. Andrew School in Upper Arlington, Ohio. Below are their thoughts on how they can be God’s storytellers!

How can you be God’s storyteller? 

By Miss B’s second-grade class

  • You can listen to other people’s stories to learn more and be a better storyteller.
  • Listening in church can make us a better storyteller.
  • I can share my ideas with other people that don’t know the stories from the Bible. Then they can share a story you don’t know with you or they can tell the story you told them to another person and it keeps going on and on and on.
  • You can tell your siblings stories about what Jesus said and did when he was on earth.
  • If someone doesn’t understand, you can tell it in a different way that they can understand.
  • If someone speaks a different language and you speak two languages, you can tell them the story from the Bible in that language.
  • You sometimes have to make hard choices, and being God’s storyteller helps you to make those hard choices without anyone judging you.
  • Tell people about the Golden Rule.
  • Be patient with those who don’t understand it right away.
  • If someone doesn’t know the story of Jesus, I can tell them the story of Jesus. I would tell them about his life.
  • Tell other friends that are not Catholic about Jesus and what he did to help heal other people.
  • Don’t be mean to other people.

How can YOU be God’s storyteller?

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  1. I loved the way you got the responses from the children. This is really a great indication of the message of this book. “From the mouth of babes.. .”

  2. All I can say is that I’m now a fangirl of Miss B and her students!! Thank you so much Michele for this needed encouragement. What a gift!

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