The Gift of Catholic Traditions


This week, Deanna Bartolini shares thoughts on the gift of traditions in our Catholic faith. (Here is a link to the post this video discussion is based on)

What is the difference between Tradition (with a capital T) and tradition (with a small t)? How do they affect how we worship, pray, and celebrate together in families and Church communities?

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Join us for this fun & inspiring CatholicMom Hangout. And be sure to add your thoughts, questions & ideas in the comments!

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Deanna G. Bartalini, MEd, MPS, is a Catholic writer, speaker, and educator. Her Bible study, invite the Holy Spirit into Your Life, is published by Our Sunday Visitor. Her website,, is for the Every Day Catholic. There you can find Deanna’s writing, free webinars on Catholicism, her podcast and social media services, and invite her to speak to your group, in person or virtually.

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