Uplevel Your Leadership


"Uplevel Your Leadership" by Chantal Howard

This last week I spent three days rubbing shoulders with high-performing businesswomen. These leaders were inspiring and their message was compelling. Those that crack the code on leadership in life, mothering, business, and yes, even sanctity, have some common characteristics and I want to grow in to these. I suspect you might like to as well, because life is hard and no amount of executive ability can change that, but it sure can simplify the noise, poise us for peace, and propel us toward our full potential that God knit into each one of us.

So here are my three key takeaways that I feel are applicable to us moms.

Lead Your Self

This means that we have to grow our leadership over own thoughts and emotions. We must quit judging others, comparing ourselves to other moms and doubting ourselves. Setbacks are permitted by the Lord to help us discover how to be problem-solvers and to grow our belief in His orchestration of all things. When we are feeling insufficient, it is time to grow our competency, increase our integrity, and hone our vocational awareness. It is crucial that we invest in ourselves so that we can offer to others greater return in charity and generosity. We can work to master our weaknesses, not by dwelling on them, but by prioritizing our own need for self-care and growth time.

Lead Your Time

We must unload theunnecessary distractions commitments and function in rhythm and with a well-ordered balance in our lives. The age of glorifying the multitasker is gone. Let’s sink deep into quality, not quantity, and if the wheels feel like they are falling off or that we have too many balls in the air, then let’s let them roll away and hold onto the best. Even as mothers, we are not called to do everything for everyone. We must invest in learning to lead rather than manage. We need to become better at asking for help, paying for help, delegating what’s not most necessary for us to focus on, and decide to prioritize love and prayer above the rat race that pulls us downward.

Lead Your Vision

Every musical piece in the world is comprised of 12 notes rearranged and repeated to bring about beauty or discord. We all get the same broken human condition to sort out and rise above. We are all asked to climb to the heights from the fallen state of our humanity. But one unique factor changes everything. We are are totally unrepeatable, indispensable, irreplaceable — and  we are redeemed. With that complete individuality and divine identity, we are called to rise and bring as many souls along with us as possible. We must choose to lead our lives with bigger vision. We must begin thinking outside of our comfort zone (or even outside of our stuck “un-comfort zone” if the case may be) to receive the greater vision that that the Lord desires us to see and actualize. The biggest stall in this space is being more concerned with being liked than leading.

Here are a few habits to employ daily: Journal. Sweat. Listen to good inspirational and personal development daily. Focus on one task at a time. Commit to strategic isolation (with Jesus of course) or “your bubble of protection” to experience silence and get priorities clear. Speak life and positivity. Pray the Rosary. Soak in the Word. Have a moment with Mary. Find someone to serve. Carve out 15 quality minutes with each child.

This is an invitation to higher and bigger leadership. Of course the second we step outside this momentary burst of encouragement the onslaught awaits. But let’s together seek today to lead with tenderness and yet with total conviction so that we can go set the world around us on fire.

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Chantal is a wife and mother of five children. She is a national speaker and author of The School of the Family and The Family Rule. As an essential oil coach, she seeks to help families become healthy, holy and free. Visit Chantal-Howard.com to learn more.

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