Daily Gospel Reflection for April 9, 2019


Today’s Gospel: John 8:21-30

Well, that’s a slightly terrifying gospel today. I learned pretty quickly in college that if a professor said the same thing three times, it was definitely going to be on the test. “You will die in your sins” – thrice repeated. Guess I’d better take careful note of that one!

But…am I really paying attention? Terrifying as this message is, am I willing to consider, to accept the finality of death, and the reality of hell? It’s easy to focus on the happy parts of Scripture – “Well done, good and faithful servant” and all that. But there are two ultimate destinations, and a little meditation on the horrifying possibility of dying in mortal sin is sometimes helpful to keep us straight as life goes on.

Of course, that’s not the only message of Christ. He offers us an if, not a when! But it’s a rather important if, and one we’d do well to pay attention to. It will be on the final exam.


Spend a minute or two “checking in” with your faith in God. Do you fully accept the reality and finality of hell?


My Jesus, You warn me in order to save me. You desire that I end where You created me to go: in heaven, with You. Keep me on the path to heaven, and preserve me from dying in my sins.

Copyright 2019 Rebecca Willen

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