Daily Gospel Reflection for April 23, 2019


Today’s Gospel: John 20:11-18

It is not hard to place myself in the role of Mary Magdalene, the sinner who weeps at the death of Jesus. What profound grief she must have felt as she visited Christ’s tomb. The grief must have been magnified tenfold as she discovered His body missing after the ordeal of His crucifixion.

Then, someone appears who questions her tears. Who is this man? Why does he wonder at her weeping?

And then comes the startling realization that the bystander is not a gardener — He is, in fact, her beloved Jesus.

What joy Mary Magdalene must have felt as she gazed into Christ’s compassionate eyes! How she must have marveled at the miracle of His resurrection!

Mary Magdalene is then given the privilege of telling the disciples, “I have seen the Lord.” If there is any doubt about the high esteem with which Jesus views women, it is resolved in that moment when He appeared to Mary Magdalene. He bestowed upon her an incredible blessing which she then shared with His followers.

The resurrection is an antidote to the troubles of our world. It demonstrates that Jesus has conquered sin and death, and that He has won for us the treasures of heaven. It is the greatest event in the history of humanity, and the most wonderful chapter in God’s love story for mankind.

Mother Teresa once stated that one should never feel so despondent that he or she doesn’t remember the joy of the Resurrection. And author C. S. Lewis said that “Joy is the serious business of heaven.”

With both Mother Teresa and C.S. Lewis in mind, we can truly rejoice because Jesus has given us the keys to heaven. While sadness and suffering are inevitable in life, so is the promise of God’s everlasting joy.


How can I live out the joy of the resurrection in my life?


Dear Jesus, thank You for the incredible gift of Your resurrection. May I share the joy of the resurrection with my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Copyright 2019 Maria V. Gallagher

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