Daily Gospel Reflection for May 5, 2019 - Third Sunday of Easter


Today’s Gospel: John 21:1-19 – Third Sunday of Easter

Have you ever read Scriptures, and the part that was so beautiful and inspiring was not the part that spoke to you?
This is what happened to me reading today’s Gospel. It is a wonderful story of Peter’s eagerness to be with Jesus, and his reconciliation with the Lord for denying Him.

I giggle when Peter still cannot seem to be able to catch any fish without Jesus! I sigh when Jesus accepts Peter’s heart-felt contrition, asking him to feed His sheep. There are so many aspects that I love about this reading.
But today, the words that caught my attention were: “Even though there were so many, the net was not torn.”

Have you ever felt weighed down – perhaps by responsibilities, commitments, or maybe even sufferings?

Here’s the good news in today’s Gospel: you may feel like you are about to burst, but you will not be torn. Stretched, you will not break. You may have to be dragged ashore, but that which you carry will be a blessing.


What is weighing you down? Is it something over which you have no control? Then give it to Jesus, let Him stretch you and draw you closer to Him through it. Will it ultimately give God glory? If not, throw it back into the sea of the unnecessary.


Jesus, through You I can do all things. So, in all things, let me give You glory. And when I feel like I am about to burst, let it be then, Lord, that the abundant blessings flow forth. In Your name, amen.

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