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Isn’t it funny how God can remind you that He is always with us during our day? Sometimes when you least expect it or you are feeling down and alone, you get a little reminder during your day that He is right by your side.

I feel that way in my car believe it or not and perhaps because my car is where I struggle the most with patience or rather my lack of patience. That is where I saw the reminder that God is driving with me and I need to be a better Christian. Let me explain: When I first bought my car in 2002, it had lots of different symbols on the dashboard I had to interpret. My last car had been a very old Suburban with no bells or whistles on it. If it was low on gas I had better be watching the gauge because there was no bell or tone or light that came on to tell me I needed to stop and fill up.

But my new car displayed all kinds of lights and symbols. There was one I could not figure out. It looked like a person sitting with an angel perched on its shoulder. I finally had to ask my husband and my kids what that symbol was for. Turns out it was the airbag reminder, but instead of looking like an airbag with a seat belt crossing the shoulder of the person, I thought it looked like an angel sitting on someone’s shoulder!

Seventeen years later, I still have this (now very old) car, and this morning turning over the engine the symbol flashed again on the dash and I laughed. Yep, there was that angel sitting on my shoulder again, reminding me not only to buckle my seat belt but maybe to also watch my mouth, keep calm and drive on, and be patient with the rest of the world.

Funny how we can see things differently in life depending on our personalities or how we are raised. While I’ve always felt the presence of guardian angels around me and my family, I thought it was odd that I would get that image right here in my car.

I am pretty sure the car manufacturers never thought of that symbol in the same way I did, but to those of us who see things in slightly different ways, it serves as a good reminder. And who knows,  maybe that symbol was a sign from the Lord specifically to me to remind me to keep my Christian on while driving!

Sometimes we need those little reminders throughout our day to ask God for help on something. Help me watch my mouth! Help me pray for a family member who is hurting. Most of all, help me show you to all the other people I meet this day, Lord!

That little symbol in my car is my reminder that God is always sitting on my shoulder. He is right there wanting to help me show His love to everyone I meet. Now I just need to do my job, which is buckling up and putting on my joy!

Copyright 2019 Lisa Simmons


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  1. I love this, Lisa! I work for a radio station and I’m going to share it tomorrow. I think people will love the daily reminder of God’s protection. Side note – the first time my “low tire pressure” light came on I was so confused. I thought it was a brandy snifter! I was like – my car is out of brandy??

    • The first time that tire-pressure light came on in my husband’s car, we both thought something was terribly wrong with the car. He took mine to work and I drove his to the dealership for repair, where I had the pleasure of looking really ridiculous in front of a highly-amused mechanic.

          • Unfortunately even though I love reading books, I never think to read over a manual either!! And wow, you are not kidding about all the icons!! I haven’t had a newer car for 17 years and I just bought one that is a year old and I feel like I’m driving a rocket ship!

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