Daily Gospel Reflection for May 17, 2019


Reflection by Carol Ann Chybowski

Today’s Gospel: John 14:1-6

Many years ago I had a friend whose family was going to move many thousands of miles away. Her father had a new job and the whole family was moving. He went to the new city ahead of his family with some of their most precious possessions. He found a house, decorated the rooms with their possessions, and made everything ready for his family when they came. He wanted them to feel at home even in unfamiliar surroundings.

The disciples here are like my childhood friend. Jesus has just announced that He is going ahead of them to a new place to prepare a home for them. They must have had the same million questions that my friend had. Where? When? Why? What is it like there? Will everything in my life change? When exactly are you coming back for us?

We know, as the disciples did not know that day, that Jesus was speaking of His home in heaven. Jesus knew He was going to the Cross, would die for us and rise again. He knew He would return to the Father in heaven ahead of us.

While we do not know what heaven will actually be like in every detail, we do know what of our possessions will be there with us. We will not bring teddy bears or posters. We will bring to heaven the gifts the Holy Spirit has given us: faith, hope, love, charity, fortitude, courage, fear of the Lord.

He goes to prepare a place for us too. I can’t wait to see it!


What have I packed to bring with me when Jesus returns for me?


Jesus, nothing can satisfy the true longing of our hearts but You. Teach us to use Your gifts wisely so that we may use them for You for all eternity.

Copyright 2019 Carol Ann Chybowski

Carol Ann Chybowski is a long time member of the Catholic Writers Guild. She has published book reviews at various websites and appears in two volumes of A Community of Voices: An Anthology of Santa Barbara, as well as in Spiritual Awakenings: Stories of Praise and Redemption, and Word by Word: Slowing Down With The Hail Mary.

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