Blessed Are Those Who Work Together


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There’s no doubt that the Beatitudes are a time-tested and trustworthy road map to Heaven. The words Jesus himself spoke, while challenging to live out, can surely point us and our families heavenward. And that’s our goal as Catholic parents, isn’t it? To get ourselves and our families to Heaven!

If Heaven is the goal, then teamwork ought to be the plan — that team ideally being you, your spouse, and God. This is the approach taken by Jeannie and Ben Ewing in their new book, Parenting with the Beatitudes: Eight Holy Habits for Daily Living. 

Each chapter looks at one of the Beatitudes, and offers reflections from first Jeannie, and then Ben. Jeannie leans consistently on the Blessed Mother for further insight while Ben looks to St. Joseph’s example for guidance.

The interplay of their voices invites readers to experience this series of reflections together with their spouse. Even if both aren’t reading it together, at least the one can gain potential insight into the point of view of the other. Prayers at the end of the chapter would be good to say together, asking God’s further help, again, as a team.

The Ewings humbly share their struggles, both in the little things — maintaining patience when the kids are bickering — and the bigger ones — navigating their second daughter’s rare disease. In every situation, they draw back to their faith in Christ, truly professing Him as the center of their lives. They show that whatever it is we’re struggling with may truly be a situation we can turn around to build up our faith and better love God and our families. When we change ourselves for the better, our families will certainly benefit as well.

The couple’s faith and trust in God are evident and encouraging in this book, and it may be just what parents need to recalibrate themselves in a culture that too often suggests we’re doing it all wrong. Every moment in parenting is an opportunity for grace. And when we have the right set of values and principles in mind, with God’s help, we can make the best of each one.

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