Daily Gospel Reflection for July 5, 2019


Reflection by Cynthia Brewer

Today’s Gospel: Matthew 9:9-13

If we lived in the days of Jesus, and saw that He was asking a tax collector to join Him, what would we think? Would we wonder what kind of organization He was founding – one with traitors and embezzlers as His chief officers?
But just like when Jesus shut down the religious elite’s question about paying taxes by asking whose image was on the coin, He comes up with another amazing response: “Those who are well do not need a physician, but the sick do.” What could they say to that?

Jesus did not become man and enter our world to form an elite group of the righteous. He came to find the lost, heal the wounded, and restore the sinner. Jesus’ disciples were a rag-tag group of fishermen, tax collectors, and zealots – not exactly the kind of people we’d expect to form the committee that would save the world. But with God’s Holy Spirit they began the Church which gives us Jesus through the sacraments and through whom we are saved.
I wonder, do we sometimes choose the elite and the popular to form our committees that are meant to “save” our school, church, or organization? Who do we ask to join a committee for the PTA or church group? Often it’s the familiar people or the popular, well-to-do parents. But could the lowly, quiet, poor, struggling parent be just the one to make all the difference in our group, for our cause?

Jesus came for those who need Him. Maybe we could broaden our horizons to ask those who need to be asked to join our group of friends, volunteers, or workers. Matthew became one of the four Evangelists; when you ask the least of your brothers or sisters to follow you, watch out for surprises!


When Jesus asked Matthew to follow him, he did not hesitate, wonder, or question. He got up and followed Him … and then prepared a banquet for Him! Am I as quick to respond to Jesus as Matthew?


Jesus, please help me to not judge my sisters and brothers, but instead, to welcome them with hope and joy.

Copyright 2019 Cynthia Brewer

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