Daily Gospel Reflection for July 12, 2019


Reflection by Holy Trinity Youth Ministry

Today’s Gospel: Matthew 10:16-23

We find it important to pass ourselves off as wise, but innocent as doves? That holds connotations of being someone that can be taken advantage of easily. Or perhaps that also calls us to look at ourselves honestly. Are we living lives of innocence?

Society demands that we be alert. We can set our phones to let us know when news or weather breaks, when someone comments about us or when to check the cookies in the oven. We can receive texts and calls at any time or place. With all the distractions that are part of our lives, do we truly assess who we are and where we are headed? We have much to learn, and that that learning will take some time and effort. We must become the poor in spirit. Not having all the answers at the push of a button means we must trust in God enough to allow “the Spirit of your Father” to speak through us and to us. Then we will experience the kingdom.


What is the one area of my life that I would benefit most from truly examining?


Heavenly Father, in order to fully embrace all You offer us, we find that we must give up knowing all the answers. Help us to trust in Your providence and to be as innocent as doves and little children.

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Holy Trinity Youth Ministry meets in East Liverpool, Ohio to pray, reflect, serve and eat good food. Our activities can be followed at facebook.com/HolyTrinity2011/ or holytrinityelo.org

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