Miraculous Comforting

"Miraculous Comforting" by Elizabeth Estrada (CatholicMom.com)

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A couple of weeks ago, I was faced with some challenging situations that I was trying to navigate with trust in the Lord. Many times this is difficult and I find myself getting into “anxious mode,” which I know is not from the Lord.

On this particular Monday, I had a difficult meeting and my son too was overwhelmed, scared, and needed much comfort and reassurance. He did very well, and seemed to be relying on me for affirmation that no matter what, things were going to get better, at some level.

Thankfully, in helping him, I was reminded that I too needed to tell myself what I was telling him. I found myself asking the Lord to help me do this, to bring me comfort. I felt I just couldn’t take anymore.

Just when I had that thought, I received an unexpected phone call. My son is going through some testing due to anxiety and depression. This testing has led down to more and more testing for clarification. On this day, I thought I was going to find out the result, but yet again one more test was needed, to confirm how his brain works. Even though I felt relief that we were closer to the answer, I felt a bit scared yet again.

All of this happened as we were shopping for a pot to make pasta. My son was waiting for me and we went to the car. As we got in and were getting ready to drive home, he said, “Mom, look! Is this yours?” I looked down to the floorboard and there was a big Miraculous Medal!

I took a breath and said “no.” He then proceeded to hand it to me. I took it into my hand, held it tightly and exhaled. It was such a comfort. As I pondered and was amazed and in awe of how it got there, I remembered that a friend of mine had been in my car two days prior. It ended up being hers; it had fallen out of her purse.

Regardless of how the medal got there, I firmly believe that Mary appeared to me in that moment to remind me that she is my heavenly mother: the mother who is there to comfort me and tell me it will be okay. The outcome might not look like what I think it should be, but in the end her Son knows best!

I am thankful for the reminder and that moment. It is one I will continue to ponder always, but especially when I need motherly comfort.

"Miraculous Comforting" by Elizabeth Estrada (CatholicMom.com)

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