Daily Gospel Reflection for July 16, 2019


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 11:20-24

Did you ever live in a dorm? I did during my freshman year of college. I wore flip flops in the shower every day. My first time home for break I remember how good the porcelain tub felt on the bottom of my feet. It was so silly, but I realized how I had taken this small luxury for granted.

If I had a moment, I could probably list a hundred other things that I take for granted in just one day. It’s really an endless list. I am grateful for those moments when God gently reminds me of them. I know one of those things would be His presence in my life and the miracles we experience every day.

In today’s gospel, Jesus is lamenting that the towns where He had basically set up His headquarters had become immune to His words and His presence. They were worse than the worst towns that ever existed because, though they had the Son of God in their midst, it had little effect on them.

Sometimes I wonder what Jesus would say if He looked at my life. I pray that we never become numb or immune to God’s presence. I pray that we will always have a passion and zeal for Christ because of who He is and what He has done for us.


How can we ensure that we don’t take God’s presence for granted?


Father, thank You for the gentle reminders that You are moving and working in our lives. Help us to see You in even the smallest of moments.

Copyright 2019 Abby Watts

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