Summer Closet Interventions, Part 1

"Summer Closet Intervention Part 1" by Lisa Hess (

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As we progressed from spring to summer, my daughter and I both remarked that our closets had reached that point. Lots of things were going, but not much new was coming in. While this was great from a clutter-reduction standpoint, it was making getting dressed a challenge.

I can’t speak for my daughter, but most of what I weeded was easy to let go of — and that’s coming from someone who’s definitely not a ruthless de-clutterer. When I retired seven years ago, I slowly (and cheaply) restocked my casual basics — jeans, solid color tees, sweaters, and tank tops for layering — because that was all I needed. I shopped sales and consignments and did a lot of one-in-every-color shopping.

Seven years later, those pieces are showing their age. A few are still holding their own, but most are earning failing grades in either fit or style, making it easy to dump them or donate them, depending on their condition.

I love resulting clear space (if not the getting dressed challenge) and I’ve also realized that I’m at a turning point. Is the empty space in my closet a sign of a deficit, or an opportunity to rebalance and reorganize?

I’m choosing to look at it as an opportunity. For once, I actually feel as though there’s enough space in my closet for everything I own which makes me want to seek another opportunity — the opportunity to dig deeper and see what else can go. Usually, I get rid of things a little at a time, often after spending an entire day wearing something I didn’t feel good in. Now, though, I see the chance not for a new wardrobe, but for a do-over.

So, I’ll stick with slow and steady, weeding as I go and perhaps setting aside some time to dig deeper and create more room so I can actually see what I have and what I need. While I’m at it, this might be a good time to rearrange things and take my closet to a new level of organization.

More on taking small steps in that direction next week.

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