Daily Gospel Reflection for August 2, 2019


Reflection by Christine Cooney

Today’s Gospel: Matthew 13:54-58

There is not much out of the ordinary in today’s Gospel. Jesus comes home – to His native place – and proceeds to teach people in their synagogue. The people here have not gathered in any special place to meet Jesus. They haven’t stood on the shores on the lake, or followed across town. He has come to them, taught them, performed mighty deeds for them.

And they aren’t impressed.

It’s embarrassing to admit how much I am like these people. I am just a regular person living out my regular life, and still He comes to me daily. But it’s often not good enough. I am scandalized that the work He does in my life isn’t more extravagant, more grand.

I look around and think, but isn’t this my same, old, ordinary life? My same old home? The same familiar people? Surely Christ doesn’t reach me here. I assume that to meet Christ I must go somewhere else, meet someone special, do something extraordinary.

But today’s Gospel reminds me that not only is this striving in vain, but that I do harm by attempting it. Christ comes to me; to us. He meets me — always — where I am. It’s to this ordinary and same old life that He will visit. It is in the quiet and small moments of my often-mundane life that I need only open my eyes to see the “mighty deeds” He works.

It is my inability to recognize the holy in the familiar — my lack of faith — that prevents Him from performing even more “mighty deeds.”


Do we have trouble recognizing the familiar as holy? Are we scandalized that mighty deeds often look small?


Heavenly Father, quiet my soul that I might welcome Your Son in all the moments of my daily life.

Copyright 2019 Christine Cooney

Christine Cooney is a wife, mother, compulsive reader, and freelance writer living in Central Ohio. She also takes pictures (@Christine__Co) with her iPhone and blogs at Epiphanies of Beauty.

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  1. I have the luxury of being able to go home and take a nap on my lunch break. I consider that little comfort a gift from God and try to remember to thank him everyday I get to experience it. We need to slow down and appreciate these little things that really make our lives so special.

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