Daily Gospel Reflection for August 21, 2019


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 20:1-16 – Memorial of Pope St. Pius X

The workers needed for the vineyard is probably one of the most difficult lessons for us to accept. It goes against what we consider “fair” for someone to be compensated for doing less work than another; but as we consider this Gospel reading does it occur to us that we, or those we love, may be those hired late in the day for full wage?

Many Catholic parents lament that their children are not following the Faith as they approach their teens and twenties. My response is often to remember where we were at that age. Was our faith as strong as it is now? Did we need some tough experiences to drive us to our knees (in prayer)? Did our parents worry about our faith journeys as well? We should be grateful that Our merciful Lord gives a full reward to us, no matter when we find Him!


Do we forget that God’s “fairness” is true mercy for all of us? Can pondering this truth give us hope for those we love who have fallen away from God?


Lord, when I feel that I have suffered an injustice, help me to remember that You alone are the just Judge and that Your wisdom outweighs everyone’s, even mine.

Copyright 2019 Mary Lou Rosien

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