Daily Gospel Reflection for August 22, 2019


Reflection by Mary Beth Baker

Today’s Gospel: Matthew 22:1-14 – Memorial of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary

I have to admit, I felt a little let down on reading today’s gospel. It’s a Marian feast day (the Queenship of Mary), yet the gospel is one of those “wailing and gnashing of teeth” stories. Couldn’t we have something joyful and triumphant and uplifting?

The more I thought about it, though, the more I realized that this gospel story should lead us straight into the arms of our queen. Why? Because it shows how desperately we need her. The king prepares a feast, and nobody comes. Who better than his queen to beautify the invitations, spruce up the food and décor, and then go out to persuade the guests to give the party a chance? She wants more than anything to fill the king’s banquet with guests, and she’s constantly roaming the world in search of people to come and join in the celebration.

More than that, we know that Mary as mediatrix of all graces makes us ready for the banquet. She won’t let a single one of the guests she brings in arrive poorly clad or under-prepared. She is queen of the universe, yes, but she remains, as St. Thérèse describes her, “more mother than queen.” Let’s turn to her today and ask her to brush away the fears, insecurities, and sins that keep us from responding to the king’s invitation. Let’s ask her to prepare us to come to the feast ready to celebrate and rejoice in the king’s generous love.


Like the people in today’s Gospel story, I’ve received an invitation to the king’s banquet. What’s holding me back from responding fully and joyfully?


Heavenly King, You gave us Mary as our queen and mother. Help me to be open to her gentle love guiding me closer to You.

Copyright 2019 Mary Beth Baker

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