Daily Gospel Reflection for August 26, 2019


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 23:13-22

Plenty of charlatan officials in high places populate the earth today. Often injustice permeates how the world operates. Our busy lives create a seemingly legitimate excuse for staying out of the fray.

But Jesus modeled courageously challenging the hypocrisy of the religious leaders of His day. He exposed how leaders living a double standard damage the community. He confronted the harm of phony religious practices.

Jesus’ actions were not without a price.

In fearlessly expressing His fury, Jesus ignited a deadly flame of hatred towards Himself. The evil desire to snuff out His voice of truth took hold in many hearts of his adversaries. Jesus’ death on the cross culminated this confrontation between good and evil.

The peace our faith gives us can lull us into a feel-good Christianity that steers clear of conflict. Distractions and desire for comfort shield us from the reality of the spiritual warfare that invisibly plays out around us every minute of the day.

Courage allows us to see and speak the truth in our daily lives without calculating the costs.

It’s easy to see people doing evil in the world and feel tension towards those who seem oblivious, indifferent, or even hostile to the way God is calling us to live. It’s human nature to be blind to our own weaknesses and failings.

But the search for truth starts in our own heart and souls. God’s grace inspires us to first to critique ourselves in good conscience. If we ask, the Holy Spirit will guide us to honestly assess our own desires, thoughts and actions. He will also comfort us as we scrutinize the purity of our intentions so we can be powerful instruments to build God’s kingdom.


When so many have given up on God and the Church, fighting a self-righteous attitude can be a major challenge for committed believers. How can I stand up for truth while owning my own imperfections?


Heavenly Father, strengthen us to follow Jesus’ example of courageously confronting evil, by recognizing our own incongruities in a spirit of His mercy. Help us embrace Your wisdom, so we become instruments of Your justice, peace, and charity to the world.

Copyright 2019 Christina M. Weber

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