God Combats Lies

"God combats lies" by Kelly Sakmar (CatholicMom.com)

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“A good Christian would wake up extra early and pray before beginning her day with her children.”
Your morning offering and meek heart are enough for Me. You need more sleep; it will help you mother well.

“I should get to daily Mass more often, and even bring the kids. I miss the peace this brought me during the school year.”
This is a different season; the moments of peace in your domestic church are an extra grace right now.

“Letting the girls watch an extra cartoon so that I can sneak in some morning quiet time is too much screen time.”
Your heart with reap the benefits of this time with Me all day, and so will your children. Do not worry.

“When I finally sit down for devotional time, I get interrupted. I HATE being interrupted!”
There is Grace in the interruption, especially with your children.

“I wish I didn’t have to slow down & keep the Sabbath; it would be so much more productive if I could power through & work around the clock.”
You need rest; I created the Sabbath for this.  You will be able to return to your work refreshed and revitalized if you give Me this time. 

“I feel guilty when I don’t pray for specific intentions by name.”
I know what’s in your heart.  This guilt does not come from Me.

“I wish I could have an elaborate, in depth, daily conversational prayer, instead of relying on rote prayers with my children.”
You are passing on the Faith.  Learn from their childlike faith, as the kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.

“I want time to focus intensely on you, instead of reaching out in pockets throughout the day.”
Pray always; I am with you always.  Acts of love are also a prayer to Me.

Trust in Me.


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About the author: Kelly Sakmar is a beloved daughter of God, wife and mother. She is passionate about her husband of 12 years, strongly brewed iced tea and spending sunny days outdoors. In the rare moments that she’s not caring for her two small children, she can be found organizing in the homes of fellow busy families. To learn more about her “day job,” please visit Clutter-Less.com.


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