Daily Gospel Reflection for September 3, 2019


Reflection by Melanie Rigney

Today’s Gospel: Luke 4:31-37 – Memorial of St. Gregory the Great

“What is there about his word?” the crowd asked after Jesus ordered the demon out of the man, and the demon obeyed, not harming the man. What is there, indeed?

We may never be possessed in a similar way (all praise be to God!). And yet, every day, evil tries to take up residence within us. We snap at those we love most because they leave a window open or play music too loud. We spend more money than we know we should on clothes or going out to dinner. We dwell on the injustices of the past and grow anxious about what might happen in the future. Small things — at first. But small things grow into larger and larger things that threaten to crowd out the Lord’s goodness.

What is there about His word? Salvation. Redemption. Protection from the devil that desires to separate us from both. Let’s listen, so that there’s no room in us for evil … and more and more for His grace.


Where are you actively or passively allowing evil to take up space? Is it time to take it to the sacrament of penance and reconciliation?


Lord, without You, I am helpless. Thank You for being at my side today and always.

Copyright 2019 Melanie Rigney

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