Daily Gospel Reflection for September 4, 2019


Today’s Gospel: Luke 4:38-44

Have you ever come home after a busy day, just wanting to put your feet up and rest a while, only to find that you are needed? That is exactly what happened to Jesus in today’s Gospel.

He had a very busy day preaching and expelling demons. Peter invited Jesus back to his house nearby to relax a little and enjoy a meal. Only, when they get there, they discover that Peter’s mother-in-law is really sick.

Jesus, if I know how this goes, probably had just sat down when they informed Him of the life-threatening fever. Without hesitation, Jesus got back on His feet, stood over Peter’s mother-in-law, and cured her.

She, in turn, got up immediately and waited upon them. Jesus was served a fine meal, no doubt, and was able to rest a while, but not for too long.

Word got out about the healing, and soon the whole town and surrounding areas were bringing those in need of a cure to Jesus. From sunset to daybreak, Jesus ministered to them.

Finally, He had nothing left to give. He needed to be refueled. Jesus had to get away and pray. In His human nature, even Jesus got worn out. He knew, however, where to go to be refreshed — a quiet place where He could talk to our Father.


Where is your quiet place where you can go to pray and be refreshed, refocused and rejuvenated by God?


Dear Heavenly Father, Source of all my energy, help me to never grow weary of serving others in Your name. When I do tire, may I rest in You. I ask this through Jesus, my example and Lord. Amen.

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