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"Messiah" by Lisa M. Hendey (CatholicMom.com)

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Last weekend’s Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross is the perfect day to share the good news about an upcoming documentary project that offers the potential to dramatically impact our relationship with Jesus Christ.

MESSIAH is an eight-part documentary series which thoughtfully explores how the prophecies of the Old Testament are ultimately fulfilled in Christ and the Church. As the film’s site explains:

Messiah is an exploration of the messianic prophecies of the Bible and how they were fulfilled by Jesus – both during his earthly life, and after it. Filmed at nearly 30 locations in the United States, the Holy Land, and Rome, Messiah’s eight episodes feature live-action narration supplemented with expert commentary, dramatic voice acting, hundreds of classic artworks, and nearly two dozen songs, orchestral performances and hymns. The locations, artworks, and ensemble cast illuminate the large span of history covered by Messiah — nearly two thousand years, from the Exodus, to the Passion, to the Fall of Rome.

MESSIAH is the dream of Executive Producer Rick Rotondi and is voiced by a talented team including host Leonardo Defilippis and experts Gail Buckley Barringer, Phillip Campbell, Dr. Mary Healy, Fr. John O’Brien, SJ, and Roy Schoeman. As viewers, we are transported to over thirty filming locations, including the Holy Land and Rome. Together with the films host and experts, we travel to Nazareth, the Western Wall, the Upper Room, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica and other sites of import to the Salvation story.

“Messiah is addressed to a broad audience. I’m Catholic, and the seed for Messiah was planted during a general audience in St. Peter’s Square. But Messiah is essentially a Bible study addressed to all Christians. More, I hope it speaks to seekers and skeptics, so they might have a Road to Emmaus experience too,” shares Rick Rotondi. “One of the themes of Messiah is the reality expressed by Daniel 7:14: All peoples, nations, and languages will serve him. That’s a prophecy that’s fulfilled within history. But it’s not always apparent. In our own little corners of the world, it can be lonely to be a Christian. Secular culture pushes faith to the margins, treating it as something small, idiosyncratic, a hobby. Messiah shows — through its selection of experts, artists, locations, hymns — how false that impression is.”

The project is presented over four hours in eight thirty-minute episodes which are intended for audiences twelve and up. It is currently available for personal viewing On-Demand (at Vimeo or Christian Cinema) and will soon be coming to Amazon Prime. Schools and parishes can learn more about how to present public screenings of the film here.

In an age when “binge-watching” is a thing, how wonderful is it that we can enjoy quality film projects that help deepen our knowledge of Sacred Scripture and our personal relationship with Christ? Combining accessible scholarly witness with stunning locations, dramatic works of art and a wonderful score, MESSIAH invites each of us to consider the promises God has delivered and all that is yet in store for us as persons of faith and hope.

Learn more about MESSIAH at SeeMessiah.com.

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