PAL Campaign: Cool Catholic Accessories

"PAL Campaign: Cool Catholic Accessories" by Barb Szyszkiewicz (

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Graphic artist Joe Kim has created a line of Catholic graphic apparel and accessories that appeals to those who like their art simple, cool, and clever. At, you won’t find a lot of frills or flowers in these products, except for the “St. Thérèse Novena Club” items. You will find interesting, eye-catching designs that are sure to invite conversation — and that’s what PAL Campaign is all about.

“PAL” stands for “Peace And Love,” and Joe Kim, a graphic-arts teacher at a private Catholic high school, stands for making sure that “the beauty of the faith was reflected in its visual presentation.” He observes,

I wanted to wear a Catholic t-shirt that wasn’t so in-your-face that it would actually prevent the conversion of hearts, nor something I would only wear when I was with my “church friends” for a “church event.” I knew there were people like me, who wanted to wear apparel that incorporated great design, with Gospel truth, and look good while doing it!

"PAL Campaign: Cool Catholic Accessories" by Barb Szyszkiewicz (

Sign of the Cross stickers. Copyright 2019 All rights reserved. Used with permission.

The PAL Campaign product line has expanded beyond clothing to include mugs, phone cases, totes, fanny packs, caps, stickers, and art for your home. There are enough different sticker designs — including some really cool St. John Paul II-related designs — to cover all the laptops and water bottles you can get your hands on. But take a second look at the Sign of the Cross sticker pictured above. I bet you used your hand to make the Sign of the Cross as the meaning behind the design sank in. That’s what impressed me the most about Joe Kim’s designs. They don’t just look cool. They make you think. And they’ll spark conversation.

"PAL Campaign: Cool Catholic Accessories" by Barb Szyszkiewicz (

Copyright 2019 All rights reserved. Used with permission.

I have to admit that the “Future Patron Saint” collection is my favorite, because how fun is that idea? But there are plenty of serious concepts among the PAL Campaign collections, too. Fans of St. John Paul II will love the “Totus Tuus” designs as well as the funky “Wojtila” graphic (on several products) and “Love is never defeated” sticker. Biblical inspirations include “Talitha Koum,” “all things are possible for God,” and “all things new.”

I’d definitely recommend the quality items from Pal Campaign as gifts for your teens and young adults — or for yourself.

Learn more about Joe Kim and his work:

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