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The House of Mary Shrine in Yankton, South Dakota, was developed bit by bit, piece by piece. First, three large crosses were constructed at the directive of the Rosary Makers, a group of people devoted to praying and distributing the Rosary. Then, twelve donors sponsored Stations of the Cross. Slowly, more features were added: hermitages, a pond, and a model of Christ’s tomb.

Marge Steinhage Fenelon reflects,

Without seeing it, one might think it’s a mere hodgepodge of structures. That couldn’t be further from the truth! It’s an aesthetically planned and purposeful array of ways to experience the glory of God and express love for his Mother Mary. It’s meant to be taken in slowly, gratefully, and on more than just one visit. Most remarkable is that it has all been accomplished entirely by volunteers and donors dedicated to turning a beautiful tract of land into a place to find peace, grace, and time with God and our Mother, Mary. (104)

Countless men and women, Catholic and non-Catholic, gave their time, money, creativity, and physical strength to build this shrine. Together, they have created a peaceful, beautiful oasis so that others may come and rest with God and our Blessed Mother. As I reflected on this place of prayer discussed in Chapter 8, one realization continued to echo in my mind:

Mary draws her children together.

The sounds of my young children at play brings joy to my heart. As I hear them coo and squeal at each other, I am filled with gratitude that at this point in time, they are good friends. I’m guessing that many other mothers share my sentiment. It’s wonderful when our children love each other and get along, isn’t it? Mary is our heavenly mother, and I like to think that she looks fondly upon her children as they collaborate and grow closer to Christ. Imagine how delighted she must grow at seeing people collaborate to create the House of Mary Shrine!

We are called to communion with God and with each other. As time goes on, I have slowly come to see how Mary helps strengthen our relationships and foster our unity. Over a decade ago, I followed the method laid out by St. Louis de Montfort to consecrate myself to Jesus, through the hands of Mary. The growth in my spiritual life was beautiful, and in the following years as I renewed my consecration, I continued to grow in my devotion to God and Mary. However, when I was in a serious relationship (and then became engaged), the man who is now my husband went through this process with me — and my perspective of Marian consecration shifted.

Instead of simply coming to Mary and Jesus by myself, I was coming with another person. My husband and I have continued this practice year after year, and even when the litanies and readings are accompanied by the sounds of a screaming newborn, there is a richness and solace found in our practice of Marian devotion. Through tumultuous periods and calm moments, we come to Mary together, so that she may bring us to Jesus.

Mary draws her children together.

Both from within and outside the Church, divisions and discord often flare up. We all struggle with sin, and this weakens our relationships with God and each other. When rifts threaten to tear our families and society to pieces, we need to come to Mary. Let us ask her to help us move closer to Jesus — together.

My Queen My Mother Book Club (CatholicMom.com)

Questions for Discussion:

  • What is one way that you have seen Mary heal or strengthen relationships?
  • How can we build up Marian devotion in our marriages, families, and communities?

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  1. I my own life, I’ve seen our Blessed Mother draw people together in very quiet and understated ways. A happenchance meeting between two people who previously had been at odds, a gentle softening of hearts over time, a memory of days gone by or a seemingly inexplicable yearning within. In bigger ways, she pulls people together in times of crisis, when folks are confused and searching for answers and consolation. That’s when people take up their rosaries and turn to Mary for help. I pray that the current situation in our country – with the hatred being instigated by the upcoming election – will again urge people to take up their rosaries, put aside their hostility, and gather under our Lady’s protective mantle.

    • Marge, thank you for sharing that. I think what you mention about Mary drawing people together in the “quiet and understated ways” is really beautiful. That’s something I haven’t thought of much before, but it makes sense. God often speaks in a still, small voice-so wouldn’t his mother follow suit?

      Thank you for your timely reminder to gather under Mary’s mantle. I’m sure many people, like myself, have a bit of dread thinking of the division and hatred that might fly during the upcoming election-so it’s vital that we practice hope and ask Our Lady to intercede for us!

  2. AnnMarie, what a beautiful reflection! Mary truly does draw her children together. In my own life, I can pinpoint how our family’s 2018 pilgrimage to Walsingham, Lourdes and Knock brought our family closer together–maybe not in ways we’d immediately consider “togetherness,” but healing is coming all the same. Just like Marge’s book illustrates for us, there are specific places that Mary uses to reunite and heal us, and the journeys we take to such places have great power as well. Thank you for this reflection!

    • Erin, thank you so much for sharing that! I think it is amazing that you can see family healing and unity flowing from your Marian pilgrimage. What a gift! I’ve been on a couple Marian apparition pilgrimages, and I think Knock is my favorite among the places I’ve been-I love how quiet and peaceful it is 🙂

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