Daily Gospel Reflection for November 19, 2019


Today’s Gospel: Luke 19:1-10

When I was a little girl, my parents would buy me the little Arch Books of Bible Stories that were always on sale in a display in the narthex at church. My favorite story was The Great Surprise, which was the story of Zacchaeus. I can still see the colorful cover, with Zacchaeus hanging on to a branch and looking down and out of the scene of the cover at what I imagine was a smiling Jesus beckoning him to come down out of the tree.

I don’t know why that story made such an impression on me as a child — so much so that whenever I hear this homily I remember that cover. I think that as a child I might have felt a real connection with Zacchaeus, because I was smaller than those around me. I would have climbed a tree to see Jesus. I know I would have!

My adult sensibilities recognize that I am still like Zacchaeus, a sinner. I am encouraged by this story, that Jesus seeks me out, even when I’m hiding away from Him. He calls to me to join Him, and like Zacchaeus, I am saved.


Sometimes our sins make us feel unworthy, and we look at Jesus from afar. Are you ready to drop everything like Zacchaeus and join Jesus when He calls you?


Dear Lord, thank You for Your unconditional love and acceptance in spite of my sinfulness. Thank You for calling me to be close to You.

Copyright 2019 Maria Morera Johnson

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