Daily Gospel Reflection for December 2, 2019


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 8:5-11

“Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof.”

We are not worthy. We feel it keenly at times. We are so aware of our unworthiness that sometimes we let it keep us from God. Sin takes root in our hearts. Materialism rules in our homes. Negativity, gossip and judgment crowd our minds.

How could we even think of allowing the King of Kings to enter amidst the mess under our roof, the clutter in our hearts, the stains on our souls?

And yet He desires to come. He knows all about our messes and unworthiness and He calls us Beloved.

He is not afraid of mess, for that is exactly how He chose to enter the world long ago. The King of Kings was born under the roof of a stable, placed in a manger of hay where animals feed. A place utterly unworthy to hold the Son of God…but chosen by Him. Just as He chooses to come to us, unworthy though we are, if we but allow Him, invite Him, receive Him.

Every day He comes to us in the Mass, really and truly present in the Eucharist. We are not worthy that He enter under the roof of our churches…or that He come into our very bodies when we receive this Sacrament.

Yet this is what Advent and Christmas are all about. None of us are worthy. And that is why He comes.

“I will come and cure him,” said Jesus to the centurion.

Jesus knew the centurion wasn’t worthy. Yet He still offered to come to his home with healing. He offers that to us this Advent — with His very self in the Eucharist, with healing grace in Confession, with a desire to be born anew in our lives this Christmas.


Do you struggle to focus on the hope and mercy of Jesus’ coming rather than your own unworthiness? Does it keep you from inviting Him under your roof?


Lord Jesus, as we begin this Advent season, help us to create a manger for You in our hearts — knowing in humility that we are not worthy, but inviting You with trust and receiving You with gratitude and awe.

Copyright 2019 Laura Range

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