May I have this dance?

"May I have this dance?" by Megan Swaim (

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A few weeks ago we celebrated our wedding anniversary. I shared a photo of our celebration to social media, mostly for the sake of our parents and siblings, but was so surprised at how many of our friends and family responded to it with excitement. So, in case you are looking for an idea or two for your own anniversary, or a fun way to share the joy of your wedding with your kids, I thought I’d share our it here with you.

We sort of stumbled our way into this annual tradition. Babies, a limited budget, and the busy holiday season were making it hard for us to celebrate our anniversary in any sort of big romantic way. That first year we had decided to forego a night out and celebrate at home instead, but when I saw my wedding dress hanging in the closet, I decided to put it on. My husband put on his wedding suit and we danced. The next year I pulled the dress out again, but this time we had a toddler who was mesmerized by the whole thing and danced delightedly at our feet. The year after, we had just had another baby and I couldn’t put the dress on, but I put on my wedding pearls and veil, and we danced anyway, this time with two daughters in our arms.

"May I have this dance?" by Megan Swaim (

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It’s just grown from there. Some years we look through wedding pictures or share favorite memories, sometimes we fill our wedding vases with flowers, sometimes we make a cake; but we always dance. Now our daughters are old enough to be a part of it and it’s become even more meaningful as we share the joy of our wedding with them. They squeal when I come out in my wedding dress, touching the soft fabric and shiny beads and asking me to “twirl” for them. They eagerly ask question after question about our wedding day and listen as if we are telling them a fairy tale. They smile as they watch us dance and giggle when we share a kiss. Of course, they can’t wait to cut in and have their own turn dancing with my groom. And as I watch him hold each of his daughters in his arms for a “turn about the dance floor” I fall more deeply in love with the man in the wedding suit.

Every year as I put the dress back on its hanger and zip up its bag, I pray for fruitfulness. I think about the years to come and ask the Lord to bless us with many more dances and the opportunity to share His love with those in our lives. And then I pray for our daughters and hope that this little tradition teaches them something about this beautiful vocation and perhaps prepares them for their own. Maybe someday they will think of these moments when they wear their own wedding dress, celebrate their own anniversary, have their own babies. But until then, we’ll keep celebrating with a dance.

"May I have this dance?" by Megan Swaim (

Copyright 2019 Megan Swaim. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2019 Megan Swaim


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