Crocheting as Quiet Wintertime Comfort

"Crocheting as wintertime comfort" by Tiffany Walsh (

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Every year following New Year’s Day I go into contemplative mode. I suppose a lot of people do, given the abundance of New Year’s resolutions we all hear about at this time each year. For myself, I like goal setting and the fresh feeling that January first brings, so I welcome New Year’s resolutions and the plans that they bring. I find, though, that I need my mind to quiet down a bit, so that I can fully discern what my next steps are towards achieving those goals.

Quieting down my mind is not easy for this introvert – my mind is where the majority of my spirited conversations take place! It is always awhirl with new ideas, and it is difficult to settle it so that I can either: (1) pray, or (2) actually accomplish any of the things that I am thinking about. For me, if my hands are busy, my mind is quieter, as paradoxical as that may seem. It is as if being productive with something physical allows my mind to be more at rest. And when my mind is at rest, I can pray and discern so much more effectively.

"Crocheting as wintertime comfort" by Tiffany Walsh (

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One of the ways that I accomplish this is via crafts. There are obviously a lot of options out there, but I am a knitter and a crocheter. Especially in the winter, I enjoy crocheting, because that is the craft that I use to make blankets. And let’s face it, blankets are a wintertime delight! I never want to make a blanket in the summer, because all of that yarn on your lap as your blanket grows is obviously pretty undesirable. In the winter, however, it is ideal. I am actually anxious for the blanket to grow quickly so that it will keep me warm in my sometimes-chilly living room in the evenings as I work, and thus it motivates me to continue making progress on the project!

"Crocheting as wintertime comfort" by Tiffany Walsh (

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Each January and February, a lovely crocheter named Lucy from the Attic 24 blog runs a crochet–along (abbreviated CAL in the crafting world) for a colorful striped blanket. She works all year to set a theme and a color palette, and announces the plans in late November or early December. Her fans (like me!) eagerly await the new blanket plans each year. This year, the theme is floral. So the Dahlia Blanket CAL started up right after the New Year, and I have been happily crocheting along with a community of other crocheters in a group over on Facebook. There is something about crafting along with a community that brings out the giddiness in me, I absolutely love it. The dahlia colors are so bright and cheerful in the middle of winter that it brings joy to the entire community.

"Crocheting as wintertime comfort" by Tiffany Walsh (

Image credit: (2015), CC0/PD

As I crochet this blanket in my evenings, my mind is clear and at rest. When my hands are busy, my mind and spirit are quiet. I am able to contemplate the things I would like to achieve this year, and put together some ideas for how I may be able to achieve them. I can also ask God for help in discerning how I should best spend my time in working towards these goals, and even whether these are the goals I should be focusing on. I am at peace when I crochet.

Are you a crocheter or a lover of another needle craft? Do you find the process conducive to peace of mind and heart? I would love to hear your experiences in the comments!

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  1. I love crocheting!! Currently working on a baby blanket for my little one due this spring. It’s been awhile since I’ve done an adult size blanket, I often do smaller projects like wash clothes or scarves and such. So much peace working with your hands and creating!

    • aww, congratulations Laura! I do LOVE making baby blankets, and you could always try an adult sized lap blanket, not too much bigger. 🙂 You know what is a project that I was so happy to move onto once I branched out from squares like blankets and dish/wash cloths? Hats. I adore making hats! You learn a lot of new and useful skills, and this will launch you into yet more new projects, and hats are the gateway, I’m telling you! :-0

  2. I loved your post. (thank you) I do knit and crochet (and other crafting, also adult coloring) I find that when stressed or upset it also helps me to calm and so I can get things done, I craft to get my mind off things Again thank you for sharing this

  3. Nicole Brown on

    Hello fellow librarian! I loved this article and totally agree. I read this quote somewhere…”I crochet so I don’t unravel”…and this is so true. Crafting is a great stress relief for me. My mom has crocheted her whole life and had tried to teach me twice and it didn’t stick. A year ago, after the birth of my second son, I was looking for a creative outlet and something for me. Third time was a charm and it has stuck! I am in the process of planning all of my projects for this year. Next up will be a crochet tote bag for my mom’s birthday and a baby blanket for a co-worker. Happy stitching!

    • Hi NIcole! I LOVE making tote bags, how awesome! Knitting was like that for me. I tried once in my 20’s, and I sort of got it, but it definitely didn’t stick, and I had no idea how to cast on. Once I had my son, I was feeling crafty again and picked crochet up again (baby blanket time!) but also took another class on knitting at my local JoAnn. This time it stuck! I actually knit more than I crochet now, but I still love my crocheted blankets, especially in winter!

  4. Thank You Tiffany, for this lovely post. I enjoy knitting but I intend to learn to crochet. I learned to knit in the ninth grade. Th teacher taught us in one of our extra courses.

    • Hi Marilyn! oooo, you’d like to learn to crochet as well? How wonderful! If you live near a JoAnn store, they offer classes on a regular basis, and they are very fun because even a beginner course will be arranged around making a specific item. I am very goal oriented like that, I like having a deliverable when the class is over. 😉 Or, a local yarn shop will often have the same! As well, the power of YouTube tutorials cannot be overestimated!

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