Daily Gospel Reflection for January 24, 2020


Today’s Gospel: Mark 3:13-19

Jesus summoned those He wanted to come up to the mountain and become His Apostles. My daughter runs Spartan races. She has to run up hills carrying buckets of rocks. It is a very tough race, and last year she earned her trifecta medal for 3 races in one calendar year.

Jesus still calls us to climb the mountain and be His disciple. It is not easy; the ground is not always even; we have to invest some work in the journey and persevere. Just like my daughter, sometimes we feel like we are carrying buckets of rocks as we journey towards Him. Our reward, however, is worth so much more than a medal! Our reward is our crown when we join Him in heaven. Our trifecta is the culmination of prayer, study and action; living forever with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


What makes me stumble as I move towards Jesus, and what gives me encouragement on the journey?


Following You is not always easy, Lord. We lift our eyes up the mountain, toward You in heaven, and ask for the grace to persevere in faith.

Copyright 2020 Mary Lou Rosien

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