Daily Gospel Reflection for February 4, 2020


Today’s Gospel: Mark 5:21-43

Today’s Gospel highlights two miracles: one miracle granted by request, and the other the result of a bold act. I’ve pondered why these incidences in Christ’s ministry are presented together. Both the synagogue official and the hemorrhaging woman go to Jesus with the hope and faith He will provide what they need.

The official, a grieving father, humbled himself at Jesus’ feet and asked Him to save his little girl. The hemorrhaging woman didn’t even dare address Jesus in such a huge crowd — she just knew she’d be healed if she could get close to Him. Their confidence inspires me to trust Jesus wholly and with conviction.

This Gospel reminds me that my faith will carry me, that I should not be afraid to reach out to Jesus in my hour of need, but rather go to Him confidently and boldly. I hope in Jesus. Because I believe, I take the desires of my heart to Jesus with the expectation that no matter what, I will be joined to Him in eternal life.

Both hope and faith are actions. The man approached Jesus with hope, that is, the commitment to ask of Jesus this healing with the expectation that He could and would heal his daughter. The woman knew, she had faith, that merely touching Jesus would heal her.

It is faith, as Jesus tells the woman, that will heal us.

Jesus, I trust in you!


What keeps you from confidently approaching Jesus with your needs? Set aside that reticence and fear and reach out to Jesus in hope and faith.


Lord Jesus Christ, I come to you weak and grieving. Be my strength and my salvation. Amen.

Copyright 2020 Maria Morera Johnson

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