Daily Gospel Reflection for February 10, 2020


Today’s Gospel: Mark 6:53-56 – Memorial of Saint Scholastica

The gospel accounts of Christ’s miracles and His healing of the sick are such powerful passages. We read today how droves of people immediately recognized Christ when He stepped off the boat at Gennesaret; they brought all of their sick to Him in full faith that He would heal them. And heal them He did, even through their touching of His garments. The people of that neighborhood, clearly encouraged by the certainty of Christ’s power, persisted in grand efforts to help the sick among them come in contact with His healing touch.

Is Christ not still this all-powerful healer? This gospel, as it always does, invites us to live with the same active faith as those who interacted with Christ while He walked the earth. The response of these people to Christ’s presence is an example for how we are to respond to Him in our daily lives. Do we come running to His healing? Do we proclaim this Healer to the sick in heart or body around us; and do we bring them when they cannot carry themselves into His presence?

So often we simply miss Christ’s presence in our lives; perhaps we are not on the lookout for Him, not seeking in earnest to see where He is at work in our world, making all things new. We keep ourselves so busy with lesser things. If we do recognize His presence, we so often fail to point others to Him. We sometimes keep it to ourselves; perhaps we don’t want to appear foolish to those who lack eyes of faith. But the people of this gospel passage brought their sick into the marketplace, out in public, wherever they would have the chance to come into contact with the Healer. Christ is speaking to us through their actions: Do you recognize me and have faith in my power to change lives? Will you come to Me for healing? Will you bring others with you?


Where is Christ’s power at work in your part of the world? How can you draw close to His healing power and bring another with you to touch the hem of His garment?


Lord Jesus, open my eyes to the ways that Your power is already at work in my life; and show me the person that You want to touch through me.

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