"Lente Católico" Reaches Out to Spanish-Speaking Young Catholics

Lente Católico

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Family Theater Productions is excited to launch the YouTube channel LenteCatólicoTV, a Spanish-language web series with new, approachable and informative content to connect with the younger Hispanic Catholic audience in the U.S. and Latin America.

“Young people today have so many questions about the faith. We feel blessed to be able to provide today’s youth with the spiritual tools to live a clear, purpose-driven life. Our goal is to establish Lente Católico as the go-to trusted resource to thrive in today’s ever-changing landscape,” said Father David. L. Guffey, C.S.C., National Director of Family Theater Productions in Hollywood.

Mary Ashley Burton, Producer of Lente Católico, said, “We aim to engage with a younger, more inquisitive Latino audience that demands answers, digestible information and entertainment.”

Lente Católico answers questions like: “Who is God? What is love? Why do I need to go to confession? What is evil?” with simple, factual and easy-to-digest language, with lots of humor.

Lente Católico

What Is Lente Católico and Whom Is It For?

Hosts Diana Dorempz and Esteban de la Isla present videos on YouTube’s LenteCatólicoTV channel in a modern, casual, and even provocative style. Streaming is free and can be accessed through other social channels like Facebook (@lentecatolicoTV) and Instagram (@lentecatolicoTV), along with a website offering further resources and discussion guides, at www.lentecatolico.com.

In the United States, 52% of Catholics are Hispanic, and 69% across Latin America. Lente Católico should become the go-to resource for young Spanish speakers. They are able to connect, engage, and find entertainment with easy to understand guidance about their Catholic faith.

Meet the stars of Lente Católico:

Diana Dorempz Campos is a Venezuelan actress that had an early start in her acting career,  at  the age of seven. She completed her undergraduate studies in the prestigious The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood, California. Since then, she has participated in numerous theatrical, film and television projects. She has written and performed one-woman shows and recently joined LA’s HereAndNow theater company.

We are sure you’ll easily identify with Diana. She  is very creative, and will be asking her co-host Esteban many questions that will not only make you laugh out loud, but will also help you understand many aspects of the Catholic faith.

Esteban de la Isla is a Mexican actor living in Los Angeles, California. He has participated in important films together with big name actors such as Emma Kenney, Tracy Thoms, Hassie Harrison and Chris Lee. He has also starred in short films that have been Official Selection in 15 national film festivals.

His charisma and warmness will make you connect with every video, where he addresses candidly and directly faith-related topics and questions you have always wanted to ask.

Take a look at an episode of Lente Católico:

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