Daily Gospel Reflection for March 15, 2020 - 3rd Sunday of Lent


Reflection by Margaret Ann Stimatz

Today’s Gospel: John 4:5-42 – 3rd Sunday of Lent

Jesus invites this woman to talk. She finds Him engaging all right, but this man shouldn’t be talking to her. She’s certain He doesn’t “get” what’s at stake, so she tries hard to set Him straight. Jesus, however, has His own idea about what matters; He changes the subject. Amazingly, she does not dig in her heels. She drops her own agenda and follows His lead. There’s something about Jesus. Her mind doesn’t grasp who He is, or much of what He’s saying, but her heart is beginning to melt. “Give me this water,” she pleads.

Her cry for water allows Jesus to take her deeper: “Go call your husband.” This is getting very personal. Yet she makes no attempt to lie or cover up her mess. Jesus — by His very presence — is already releasing living waters into her hidden deserts. He’s begun exposing secrets so healing graces can flow.

Isn’t this what He wants for me this Lent? Isn’t Jesus hoping we can talk? Isn’t He yearning to bring His living water into my dry and weary places? What is holding me back?


Will I take time to sit with Jesus today, to allow the living water of His presence to seep into my own inner deserts?


Jesus, slow me down. Help me stop running to fill my own buckets, and take time to sit with You. Please help me let go of my agenda, listen to Yours, and go wherever You want to take me.

Copyright 2020 Margaret Ann Stimatz

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