Daily Gospel Reflection for March 18, 2020


Reflection by Michele Chronister

Today’s Gospel: Matthew 5:17-19L

Raise your hand if your child has ever repeated a phrase that you would rather they wouldn’t repeat? (Raises hand.) Kids have a way of imitating everything — everything they hear, or see, or experience. I always find it amusing when one of my daughters reaches the age where she starts mothering her dolls. Her adorable little mannerisms are approximations of my own — the way she pats her doll’s back, or bounces the doll to sleep, or holds the doll up to her chest to “nurse”…it’s all actions that she’s seen me done, hundreds of time.

Less adorable are the moments when I catch a child talking impatiently to her sister, and realizing that she’s using my words. Whichever child is currently in the preschool-to-kindergarten stage of life is usually the primary recipient of my impatience (because 2-5 year olds have a way of stretching and humbling their mothers.) I don’t realize how impatient I am with that child until I hear one of her sisters repeat a phrase of mine. “Can you just give me space?!” “Stop asking so many questions!” Of course, I intervene on the child’s behalf, guiding her sister to patience. But those moments remind me of the truth of this Gospel — the little things we do as mothers can lead our children to holiness or away from holiness. Which one will we choose?


How is God calling me to be a better example to my children?


Dear God, grant me the grace to be an example of patience and humility with my children, that they may be taught how to grow in holiness. Amen.

Copyright 2020 Michele Chronister

Michele Chronister is a wife, and mother to three little girls and one little one in heaven. She received her BA and MA in theology from the University of Notre Dame (’09 and ’11). She is a freelance writer, author, and is the social media manager for the Office of Natural Family Planning in the Archdiocese of St. Louis. She blogs over at My Domestic Monastery.

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