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Todays reading from St. Teresa of Ávila instructs us to live in the Truth. More than just not telling lies, it is about not living lies.

That’s always hard, to be truthful with myself. I can spend the whole day telling myself little lies that peck away at my soul. Just this little bit of gossip won’t hurt … I’ll pray that Rosary later … I’ll just do this thing this one time and then never again.

Walk in Truth

The challenge is to live my day with my eyes, my actions, my very soul toward God. If I can manage that, I am confident everything else will fall into place.

You can pick up a copy of Let Nothing Disturb You for this wonderful daily reflection. Following is the text of today’s meditation:


Let us learn from this, my brothers and sisters,
that if we would bear any resemblance to our God,
we must strive ever to walk in truth.
I do not mean merely that we should not tell falsehoods;
I mean rather
that we should act with perfect truth
before God and all persons.
Above all
that we should not wish to be thought
better than we are.
In all our deeds
we should ascribe to God what is God’s,
and attribute what is ours to ourselves;
we should seek for truth in all things.
In this way we will care little for the world,
which is built on deception and falsehood
and therefore cannot last.
God grant us
never to lose the grace of self-knowledge.
If for the love of God
we hated honors, possessions, and pleasures,
embraced the cross,
and set about God’s service in earnest,
Satan would fly away from such realities
as from a plague.
He is the friend of lies and a lie himself.
He wants nothing to do
with those who walk in truth.

Let us speak
only that which is perfectly true,
and in so doing raise our sights to Truth itself,
that is, to God.


Let me walk in truth.


Let nothing, O Lord,
disturb the silence of this night.
Let nothing make me afraid.
Remove the dust of this day.
Forgive my lies,
the dozen ways in which today I have denied
in word and action
that you alone
are the source of all true life.
Cleanse my lips, my heart, my whole life
of the untruths,
the petty pride and self-love
that so easily, so persistently, come between us.
Fill my night with your forgiveness,
with that peace
that is possible only for those
who walk in your truth.

If I walk with you in truth, my Lord God,
I will want for nothing.
You alone are the Truth.
You alone suffice.

Copyright 2020 Maria Morera Johnson
The excerpt from
Let Nothing Disturb You from the work of St. Teresa of Avila is reprinted with the kind permission of Ave Maria Press, the publisher.


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