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0 St. Teresa's Party Continues

As people the world over celebrated, commemorated and even criticized the tiny Albanian nun and her outreach to India’s poorest, many in India notched up their enthusiasm to an understandably high degree. Marianna Bartholomew has the news from a missionary priest in India.

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0 Going Global from Home

Edibles and clothing, décor and transport – we touch the world as we traverse through our days. Marianna Bartholomew asks, wouldn’t it be great to allow this gratitude to also stir in us a sense of responsibility — one that transcends any sense of entitlement to these goods?

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0 Praise God For Our Peter

When Marianna Bartholomew sees Pope Francis move about so joyfully, embrace and interact with every imaginable type of person, from members of Congress, to the disabled along his route, she knows that many hidden actions are taking place in the hearts of those who see them — because he is our Peter.

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0 When Missionaries Are Hungry

Marianna Bartholomew reminds us of the sacrifice that missionaries make for each of us. When missionaries visit our churches to tell their stories, let’s listen, learn, introduce ourselves to them personally, keep them in our daily prayers, and respond to financial needs generously.

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