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2016 “Best Group Blog” 2nd Place Catholic Press Association Winner

CatholicMom.com was founded by Lisa M. Hendey in 2000 out of her home in Fresno, California. While the site has continued over the years as a home-based apostolate with an almost entirely volunteer corps of contributors, our work has reached millions of readers in hundreds of countries around the world. We share the work of over 150 contributors in multiple languages.

We endeavor to share only information which is in adherence to the magisterium of the Catholic Church. If you have concerns regarding our content, please email editor@catholicmom.com.

In 2014, 2015 and 2016, CatholicMom.com has received awards from the Catholic Press Association in the Best Online Blog (Group or Association) category.

CatholicMom.com is funded by advertisements and your contributions. To learn how you can support this work, visit our Support page.

For information on writing for CatholicMom.com, email editor@catholicmom.com – our contributors are volunteers who freely share their work in exchange for support of their personal blogs and books. All information shared on CatholicMom.com is copyright protected by the authors.

We appreciate your prayerful support of the families we serve.