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Celeste Behe is a Bronx-born Italian Catholic who lives in Pennsylvania with her husband Mike and eight of her nine homeschooled children. She is an active Toastmaster who loves to entertain and encourage audiences with personal tales of failure and success. Celeste writes for Catholic Digest and the National Catholic Register, and blogs about faith, family, and Swiss chard at

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1 An Ongoing ADDventure

Celeste Behe was a quiet, dreamy child whose worst fault was getting so lost in a book that she became oblivious to everything around her. If any kid ever had Attention Deficit Disorder, it obviously wasn’t Celeste. Or was it? It’s only recently, after years spent losing things, missing appointments, forgetting basic information, leaving tasks unfinished, and putting her foot in her mouth that Celeste has realized that she did, and still does, struggle with the symptoms of ADD. What could be funnier?

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