Author Chaunie Brusie

Chaunie Brusie is a writer, speaker, and labor and delivery nurse. She began serving as an advocate for young women facing unplanned pregnancy after becoming a mother during her senior year of college. Chaunie has worked in the pro-life movement for many years and has presented her story across the country. She blogs about her journey as a young mom of three at and her first book, Tiny Blue Lines, will be released through Ave Maria Press in May 2014. Find Chaunie on Facebook and Twitter.

13 7 Things To Say To A Woman Facing Unplanned Pregnancy

In those first few weeks for a woman facing unplanned pregnancy, words matter. And if you’ve ever wondered what the right thing to say to a woman in that situation is (or if you’ve ever been there yourself), we present these 7 things you can (and should!) say.

11 Not "Just" a Mom

Every mother, whether she works in the home, out of the home, or solely at home, is a person beyond a mother, no matter how much her identity is made up of through motherhood.

5 Work-in-Progress Wife

Editor’s note: Today, we’re pleased to welcome new writer Chaunie Brusie to our family of contributors. Chaunie is a writer,…